Friday, October 06, 2006


Having a big problem. My creative fuel has evolved from water to asphalt. I don’t know why the shift, but I could single handedly be responsible for a new law being written to make DWW (Driving While Writing) a punishable crime.

Being a cop’s daughter, cop’s sister, cop’s cousin (it’s the Irish thing) I have always tried to be respectful of the rules of the road. I do not drink and drive… well, except for coffee. I do not talk and drive. OK I do, but its “Hands-Free!” and so far I have been staying out of trouble.

Lately, however, most of my brilliance occurs while driving. It used to happen in the shower or while washing the dishes; something about the sound of running water heightened my senses and deepened my thinking. But for some mysterious reason, it is now the sound of rolling rubber on asphalt that triggers my thoughts and I know if I don’t write them down, the little twinges of insight will fall right out of my head before I reach my destination.

So if you see a burgundy colored minivan and only the left side of a woman’s head approaching, take cover. I’m hoping some cosmic shift will move me soon from asphalt so a less dangerous medium. Please don’t let it be my pillow.


susanspyschobabble said...

Sounds like you need a hand held digital recorder!
So glad to see that you have gotten the ball rolling, on asphalt or otherwise. Have bookmarked your blog, so write on!

Jenny Rough said...

DWW. That is great.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Love this.