Sunday, December 10, 2006

Universal debate confirmed by tree parking lot survey...

Women like the fat trees, men like the skinny ones.

Brad: "It will never fit in the door!"

Nancy: "Don't be a scrooge, its perfect!"

Brad: "Absolutely not! You have no concept of space! It's too big!"

Cadence: "Please Daddy... you can make it fit, I know you can!"

As we dismount the flat bed of bailed hay, families and trees are gleefully removed. Brad stands sheepishly by the tractor, his tree alone in the tractor shovel. He avoids the faces of the other men, feeling their pity from afar.

Several men heave the green giant into the netting machine; two more join in to force the tree through.

The women in the parking lot gaze with envy, eyebrows raised in a gesture of approval.

“Nice tree,” they smile at me with a ‘you go girl’ tone.

“Nice tree,” one man comments to Brad, eyebrows raised in a ‘how are you going to fit that in the house’ way.

“You caved,” comments another. Brad points his chin in the direction of Cadence skipping toward the cookies and hot cider with eight-year-old joy.

The men nod and shake their heads at the same time, offering understanding to their fallen comrade.

“Good luck.” they offer in a ‘wouldn’t want to be you’ tone.

I look at the tree and realize it does look a little bigger than it did in the field, but it does have to fit into the doorway eventually, doesn’t it?


Jerri said...

Now, that's a big-assed tree.

Christmas memories in the making!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

LOVE this, and all the looks and comments from the different men and women!

PsychoBabble said...

And see how in the pictures it is obvious you were is a girl thing, we are always right!

Sue said...

Love this!! When I was eight, my mother made my father bring home a tree that broke two tree stands and eventually had to be secured upright in the corner with sturdy rope and two eyebolts.

It was always our favorite tree memory...