Thursday, March 22, 2007


I mark the page and close the plastic covered book jacket. “Enough for tonight, it’s getting late.” The day was long and draining and I am desperately longing for the couch and my own good book.

I pull the pink, patchwork quilt up to her chin, her brown silky hair splayed like a crown over her pillow. A smile spreads as her eyes flutter closed and she wiggles herself back and forth as if burrowing happily into the sand. Brown eyes popping open, “I can’t wait for tomorrow!”

I check my mental calendar to see if I am forgetting a special event; Thursday the 22nd, nothing special comes to mind. “Why, what’s tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow’s a brand new day! Maybe some new flowers will pop up in the garden or maybe some new baby animals will be born.” She shrugs with happy uncertainty, “New things will happen and you never know what! It’s a new day.”

“You’re awesome. I love you,” I tell her as I kiss goodnight.

Tomorrow; full of possibility.


Prema said...

This is beautiful, proving that what is sacred is closer than we could ever imagine.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Soooooooo sweet!

She is precious.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

She's a keeper!

Jenny Rough said...


Go Mama said...

Her optimism is contagious.

Jerri said...

Quite a girl you've got there.