Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Apologies to David Letterman and Carrie Link, but the countdown format seemed most appropriate….

The top five ways to know that your life has spun crazy out of control:

5…when you take three steps back from the poster board sized, color-coded calendar plotting the schedule for the family of five and realize that it could double as a colorful, mosaic wall hanging.

4…when you drive through the pharmacy and the woman in the window asks the last name and you hesitate, drawing a brief, but frightening blank.

3…when your middle child walks in the door at 6:30 covered in mud and scrapes from his soccer game and you didn’t even realize that he wasn’t home in the first place.

2…when you are secretly pleased that the trailer full of cows has blocked your car while dropping off your kid's projects to enter in the fair, which will make it impossible for you to make it back to the 7:00 Back to School Night in your daughter’s classroom and you SOS the hubby to say that he is on his own with this one…lingering to pet the goats instead.

1…when guilt overtakes you for not admitting that there are two sessions of Back to School Night and you cave at your daughter’s Academy Award, last child performance of “But I cleaned my desk and left you a note” so you wash the goat slobber off your hands, throw on some lipstick and race to the class, slip into her desk chair in the nick of time, feel around in your purse for a pen, and as you begin to write her a note, realize what is in your hand is a tampon that came loose from its wrapper.

You all have done that before…

Haven’t you???


Jenny said...

This is great! So funny. WONDERFUL that your daughter ended up with Sky! You must sell that story to a local newspaper or something...that's amazing! Great picture of the two of them :-)

Carrie Wilson Link said...

No apologies necessary! Top 10 (or 5) lists ROCK! Now, you got me with the tampon, I didn't see that coming! Hilarious!