Tuesday, November 06, 2007


On behalf of Cadence and her feathered friends, I am happy to announce that the utility company will not…at least for now… be euthanizing the misplaced and thriving colonies of Monk Parakeets. Thanks to a timely law suit on behalf of the feathered refugees, the Utility Company has been under the microscope with Friends of Animals, the Audubon Society and of course, Cadence.

It will not be necessary for my daughter to follow through on her plan to erect human perches beside the bird nests to sit in vigil. The utility company has decided instead to remove all of the nests without touching the birds in hopes of forcing migration; a plan that is simply “stupid” according to Cadence, as the birds have called this place home for over 20 years. They are survivors and will, as people do when faced with tragic destruction, rebuild. They are soaring examples of hope, perseverance and survival.

I, for one, am rooting for the birds.