Thursday, February 14, 2008


“Wait wait wait!” Cadence holds up her hand like a traffic cop, silencing my impending remark. Long brown silk strands pile beside her paper, hands wiggling the pencil as fast as she is able. “Should I put a comma after ‘back’?” she asks in a hurry.

“Yes,” I answer “and you have movement there so show it to me; put it on the body.” She nods and wiggles the pencil some more. In a long pause, eyes to the ceiling, pencil tapping, Brad enters the room. “Cadence, I thought…”

“Shh, shh, shh!” She hisses, head shaking back and forth. “A-ha!” She says satisfied with her thoughts and begins to write some more.

“Okay, here’s the opening paragraph…well, it’s supposed to be only one, but I accidentally filled the page.” I smile as she begins to read aloud, pausing at her mistakes to make corrections.

The phone rings as she finishes and it is her BFF from last year who has moved to a different town. “OH- MY- GOD! I am SOOO happy you called! I miss you SOOOO much!” She squeals, jumping to her feet. I assume my position at the kitchen sink to finish the evening dishes and can see her in the reflection of the window, walking and talking. After twenty or so laps around the island, the conversation shifts from catching up to current events.

“I was just finishing a writing prompt that I had for homework…..What? You hate writing prompts? Are you kidding? I LOVE writing! I have my own blog now...
What? Oh, it’s a place where you put your writing online.”

I smile.

“Me and my mom, we’ve got writing in our blood.” She explains.

I beam.


Deb said...

So unbelievably cool. What a great gift you've given your already maximally gifted daughter! This was so much fun to read.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

LOVE that you're telling her to put it on the body!

LOVE that she loves writing and has that in common with you.

Cadence is ALL that is right with the world!

Jenny said...

Love this!