Friday, March 07, 2008


We have a long standing family addiction to American Idol. Perhaps it is to do with the lack of programming that will not only entertain, but be appropriate for all ages. Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel and American Idol pretty much exhaust our repertoire of family viewing. Perhaps it is fueled by the fact that we have talented musicians in our family; Cadence, with amazing nine –year-old vocals and love for the stage has definite plans of going toe to toe with Simon Cowell when she reaches the minimum age requirement. The rules for watching Idol are strict, however. First of all, there is no talking permitted during the singing, or during the commentary from the judges. Secondly, commercials are muted in order to discuss our own opinions; a difficult task for the remote hogging husband who happens to love commercials.

“Daddy, turn this up!” Cadence urges as a Geico commercial fills the screen. The Gecko chatters on about auto insurance, Cadence listening attentively.

“He’s cute, isn’t he Cadence?” Brad asks her, “Don’t you wish you could have one of those for a pet?”

“Actually,” she answers, “I’d marry him. I can’t explain it, but I am strangely attracted to him.” She says in a voice much older than nine.

Brad breaks into a fit of laughter, telling her how funny she is, while her brother tells her she’s a freak and leaves the room. But with remarkable clarity, I know what she is saying and share a story to let her know that I can relate. The gecko is smart, witty and full of exuberance and, on a strictly superficial level, has that hot Australian accent.

The next morning, in keeping with my commitment to my family, I beckon Cadence’s permission to blog about her strange attraction to the Gecko.

“NO.” She answers, slightly embarrassed. Brad once again is consumed by laughter and tells her it was one of the funniest things she ever said.

“That’s not what I want to write about it for…not to make fun of you; just the opposite, actually.” I explain.

“Mom, it’s not that I’m attracted to a reptile. It’s the man playing the gecko!” She clarifies.

“But you’ve never even seen him.” I remind her.

“I mean his voice, what he says, his sense of humor, who he is.” She explains further. “I’m attracted to what’s inside the gecko.”

“My point exactly.” I tell her. “You see straight through the package to the heart and soul. That’s a good thing. So….can I write about it?”

“Fine, but only if you include that you admitted you were also strangely attracted to the Cave Man.”

As promised, I hereby admit that I do find one of the Cave Men attractive; in an adorable hairy sort of way.

PS: It is important to note that as of this post date, Cadence is NO LONGER ATTRACTED TO THE GECKO!

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Deb said...

I'm with Cadence. That gecko's voice is amazing! And I don't think it's just the Aussie accent, but it might be. The girl has great taste! And she's awfully cool to let you write about her. What an amazing kid!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

She cracks me up. What nine year old says, "I'm strangely attracted..." LOVE her!