Sunday, January 04, 2009


I made an arrangment with my family when I first started my blog that I would show them pieces I planned to post before I posted them...only fair as they are the main characters of my life story. I have devieated at bit from this original arrangement, often not sharing the post until it has been posted. Such was the case with Mr.GreenJeans

My husband got quite a chuckle out of the post, but even better, out of the comments. He as been called things before in comments to my stories including my favorite "a boob" but this comment section describes him as "kind-hearted, a gem, a keeper and cool" and oh is he loving it! In fact, the very words have inspired the growth of his pumpkin plant and the little fella is now loaded with flower buds and sprouting its first tendrils.

Yesterday, he moved it to a real pot in a better window. Now he has sprouted baby tomato plants from promising seeds that defied the odds and sprouted within the parent tomato. Please...don't anyone suggest corn!


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Such a sweet post! I'm still thinking about that disco ball idea, though!

Jerri said...

LOVE that we get a picture of the pumpkin. And that he takes an interest in what you write. We were right--he is totally a keeper.

Deb Shucka said...

That plant is a wonder! It's so nice to see something new and green and thriving right now. Lovely story. Lovely man.